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SmartLiving 515

SmartLiving 1050

SmartLiving 1050L

SmartLiving 10100L

SmartLiving 515
main board

The control panel is the brain of the SmartLiving system. INIM provides four models, all with metal enclosures: SmartLiving515, SmartLiving1050L and SmartLiving10100L. The vast application range of this system spans from just five terminals, with the "515" model, to a hundred terminals, with the "10100" model. All models offer an array of interesting features.

A particularly interesting feature is the new concept of "terminals" attributable to FlexIO technology. This concept revolutionizes the static perspective of inputs and outputs and provides the installer with a more adaptable approach to system customization and what is more, a different perception of in-stock needs.

SmartLiving 1050
main board

The crossing point between the installer and user is bridged by the trouble-free Easy4U which provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions which lead the operator through the various functions. This friendly audible and visual "follow me" guide offers a series of operative approaches that interface with the system and grant access to "Shortcuts". These "Shortcuts" can be used for a variety of commands and make key/card operations less tedious and less error-prone. In this way, long-drawn-out sequences can be eliminated for both the installer and the user.

SmartLiving 10100
main board

The backbone of the system is the I-BUS, INIM’s new-generation peripheral communication bus. The I-BUS can transmit data packets at an extremely high-speed and is unmatched in this market segment.
The performance and characteristics of the I-BUS allow end-to-end voice transmissions which are completely "noise-immune". This is achieved by applying VoIB technology (voice digitizing and compression technology) which bases its operating principles on the I-BUS and thus eliminates the need for any additional wiring.
The I-BUS allows the SmartLiving system to grow in accordance with the installation needs. The bus accepts Readers, LED Keypads, LCD Keypads, IN/OUT Expansion boards and Wireless transceivers. The SmartLiving control panel can enrol all bus peripherals automatically which further smooths the progress of system configuration.

The system can also be enhanced with a SmartLogos30M board. As a result of VoIB technology, this accessory item provides a vast assortment of advanced voice functions that make the SmartLiving system a breakthrough product in the sector of residential intrusion control. The matrix is the heart of the system and allows the correlation of the actions and events the system manages.Each of the system events can be associated with output actions, voice dialler actions and digital dialler actions.
The system can be accessed by user codes and proximity tags/cards. Each code/tag/card can be associated with one of the Weekly Timers which can be programmed to enable/disable it at certain times of day.

The SmartLiving system can be configured as a "hybrid" system in view of the fact that is capable of managing both hardwired and "Air2" wireless peripherals. This type of configuration will it to integrate all the new-generation wireless capabilities provided by the "Air2" transceiver.
Installation of the GSM SmartLink will provide the system with a reserve communication channel which, when combined with an optional SmartLAN/SI or SmartLAN/G board, allows maximum connectivity potential. Addition of a SmartLAN/SI or SmartLAN/G board also permits TCP/IP connectivity.
The excellence of the connection flexibility of the SmartLiving system is yet another strongpoint.
The system offers an all-set-to-go Voice dialler, and a likewise-friendly Digital dialler that readily satisfies all the standard requirements of alarm receiving centres.
The system can be accessed and controlled over-the-phone (PSTN) via the SmartModem, and can also manage a simulated reserve telephone line over GSM networks via the SmartLink/G. SmartLiving1050L and SmartLiving10100L truly offer a level of connection flexibility that is unparalleled in today’s residential and commercial market segment. This model supports the SmartLAN boards which manage transmissions over TCI/IP. SmartLAN/G can send detailed e-mails with attachments for each event and real-time event reports over TCP/IP. It also allows remote upload/download operations and provides a web server for web based access to the system. The web-server provides a virtual keypad which allows you to work on the system no matter where you are by simply connecting Internet.
The control panel can be programmed from an LCD keypad or via PC using the SmartLeague software. Programming from an LCD keypad is quick and easy, as you can use the default settings which completely eliminate the need to configure the parameters of the Voice dialler and the Digital dialler. This programming method is very straightforward, as the operator is guided through the process by means of explicit graphics and easily understandable visual information. Congfiguring the system via PC is totally trouble-free as it is mainly a series of cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop operations which reduce the operators work to a minimum.
The SmartLeague software provides an innovative Text-to-Speech function which allows you to create voice messages by merely typing-in the relative text. This function eliminates all the difficulties attached to normal voice recording. The high-speed RS232 port reduces local on-site programming to a split-second task.

SmartLiving System

The Joy and nCode/G keypads

The keypad plays a major role in every intrusion control system. It is the appliance which users deal with daily, therefore, ease-of-use is essential Additionally, it is also part of the furnishings and must blend-in perfectly with its surroundings. INIM keypads do just that. They skilfully combine first-rate technological features with an elegant design which flatters the most exacting backdrop requirements. The sleek casing and slimline key assembly considerably reduce overall size without giving way to reduced manageabilty. The explicit icons shown on the large graphic display clearly indicate the "Shortcuts" which transform normally time-consuming sequences into the single key-stroke commands. Following is a description of the features provided by the Joy and nCode keypad keypads.

Joy series keypads



Joy series keypads have light-coloured casings with drop-down flips which, as well as protecting the keys, present a neat outward appearance. However, the 4 "Shortcut" keys, which also function as "Emergency key duos", are always handily on view.
The Joy series keypads are primary Easy4U technology components, as they allow users to take full advantage of the "Shortcut" icons and voice functions. The two models differ only in potential. The Joy/MAX has several important enhancement tools, such as an on-board microphone and speaker unit for voice functions.
The Joy/MAX keypad is capable of guiding users through operations by means of voice prompts. These voice prompts steer users through the menu options with ease and help them through the various phases of arm/disarm operations. The voice functions also provide voice notification of any event swhich occur on the system and allow keypad to keypad intercom connections.
The Joy/MAX is also equipped with a reader and a room-temperature sensor (the room temperature is indicated on the display).
The built-in reader allows users to access the system using a TAG or CARD instead of typing in a code.
Both models are equipped with two input/output terminals and dislodgement and open tamper devices.

nCode/G series keypads



nCode/G series keypads have glossy black or white casings with an attractive vertical profile. The polished contour of this keypad conveys the certainty of the superior technology inbuilt in this product.
The keys are always conveniently on view to ensure fast access to all functions.
The 4 "Shortcut" keys, directly under the graphic display, allow easy control of the system and also operate as "Emergency key duos".
The nCode/G keypad is equipped with an input/output terminal and dislodgement and open tamper devices.

Proximity readers – nBy series

wall-mount nBy/S reader

nBy/X flush-mount
nBy/X reader

The proximity reader is the easiest way to interact with the SmartLiving intrusion control system. By simply holding a tag or card in the vicinity of the reader it is possible to control the system. The proximity reader is particularly useful when arming or disarming the system or specific partitions. However, it can also be used to control remote appliances such as doors or lights, or even to trigger “groups of actions” associated with specific "Shortcuts".
INIM offers two models: the Wall-mount nBy/S, and the Flush-mount nBy/X.
The Wall-mount nBy/S has been especially designed to merge with various types of residential and commercial surroundings. Its stylish appearance and reduced size make it totally backdrop-friendly.
The Wall-mount nBy/S is equipped with break-open and break-off tamper protection and a warning buzzer (used by the control panel to provide audible signals).
Moreover, on account of the mechanical solutions employed and the heavy-duty enclosure, the Wall-mount nBy/S model is IP34 rated and therefore is suitable for outdoor use.
The Flush-mount nBy/X is a gem of electronic and mechanical engineering. Every day installers are faced with new-style cover plates.

Different sizes, shapes and even colours appear regularly, yet in spite of this over-provision it is still difficult to find the right reader for the cover plates used at the place of installation. INIM’s R & D professionals decided to accept the challenge and solve this problem.
And now, thanks to their brilliant perception of installer company needs, INIM is able to offer a "Universal" solution that integrates proximity readers with all makes of cover plates. With the Flush-mount nBy/X the problem of reader-compatibility with cover plates does not exist.
Both wall and flush mount models are equipped with four LEDs which can be associated with Arming "Scenarios" (Arming configurations) or "Shortcuts" (actions which transform normally time-consuming sequences into single action commands). It is also possible to program a tag or card with a customized "Shortcut" that is valid for a specific tag or card user only. The Proximity Reader system can be controlled by tags or cards.



Flush-mounted nBy/X

Flush-mounted nBy/X

Ability. Shaping the idea of simplicity.
If you are looking for a system that allows trouble-free management of residential and small commercial applications, the Ability system is for you.
The 4 model line-up allows you to choose the most cost-effective solutions for this market sector. The application range spans from 5 to 30 terminals with integrated management of shock and rollerblind sensor inputs.
All terminals can be "mapped" without restraint. This innovatory approach permits maximum deployment of the number of terminals specified for each model, always, even when the intrusion panel or expansion board terminals are unused. Any surplus terminals on the control panel/expansion board can be deployed on other expansion boards or keypads.
Ability intrusion panels manage up to 5 partitions, each with Stay, Away and Instant operating modes for maximum control flexibility. All the intrusion panels from the Ability range manage on-board voice functions. The standard model provides from 18 to 60 seconds voice message time. A revolutionary concept. No additional voice board required, easy installation ensured. "B" models provide short voice-messages for dialler functions. In order to smooth the progress of the installation phase, the "B" version already includes a series of all-set-to-go messages which indicate the different events that may occur. If you require messages which provide in-detail event information, the "V" version is a more appropriate choice. This version manages up to 60 seconds voice message time. The messages are already pre-recorded but can be customized (by the installer) and freely assigned to the events.
The recording process can be carried out using an AB/Logo recording interface, or by means of a PC microphone and *file.wav download to the control panel, or via the advanced text-to-speech function.
Communication between the Ability control panel and Alarm Receiving Centre is managed by a digital communicator which is built-into the motherboard. The modem for remote programming and over-the-phone control of the system is also a built-in component. Ability control panels are also capable of managing the Air2 two-way wireless system. Therefore, they can be set up to operate as hybrid systems, which if needed can become solely wireless as regards the detection devices.

Code/S Keypad
The nCode/S keypad combines elegance, simplicity and functionality.
The large 4-line display provides real-time status information and allows users to scroll through the menu options with ease. The function keys activate commands instantly. The nCode/S keypad provides a configurable input/output (zone) terminal for added flexibility. One of the strong points of this device is its slimline design and stylish appearance which make it totally backdrop-friendly.
Available in glossy black or white.

Proximity Readers - nBy series
The nBy/S series proximity readers have been especially designed to reduce the work load of installer companies.
The heavy-duty enclosure makes these devices suitable for outdoor-mounting without the need of protection casing. The 4 LEDs can be associated with "shortcuts" for arm/disarm operations and access control.
This feature is particularly useful when basic integration between the intrusion-control and access-control systems is required.
The flush-mount nBy/X proximity reader offers a "universal" solution that integrates proximity readers with all makes of cover plates, something installer companies have long been waiting for. nBy/S and nBy/X proximity readers accept both nKey and nCard access devices.

Flex5 input/output expansions
The Flex5 expansion board increases the number of inputs (zones) or outputs available on the Ability system. It has 5 terminals.
The Flex5 is based on exclusive technology which allows you to configure its terminals, as inputs or outputs, directly on-site. The days of separate input and output expansion boards are over, and once you see the full advantages of this device there will be no going back to "old ways".
The Flex5 allows direct management of rollerblind and shock sensors on 4 of its 5 terminals.

SmartModem100: modem for remote programming and control
The Ability system can be remote controlled and programmed over the PSTN line through a SmartModem100. The SmartModem100 must be connected to a computer which runs the Ability Suite programming software.
The modem interfaces with the computer through a USB port.
It is powered directly through the USB port thus avoiding the need of any external power supply.
Its reduced size makes placement unproblematic.

AB/Logo: voice-message recording interface


Ability 510B

IntruSIon control panel, expandable from 5 to 10 terminals- Main board equipped with 5 input   terminals,  1 dry-contact programmable relay, 2 programmable open-collector output, telephonic interface, RS232 port - Up to 5 partitions - Up to 5 nCode  keypads - Up to 10 Flex5 expanSIons - Up to 10 nBy readers - Up to 10 user codes - Up to 20 proximity tags - Up to 250 event logged - 7Ah battery houSIng
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Ability 510V

Special Discount
IntruSIon control panel, expandable from 5 to 10 terminals- Main board equipped with 5 input   terminals,  1 dry-contact programmable relay, 2 programmable open-collector output, telephonic interface, RS232 port - Up to 5 partitions - Up to 5 nCode  keypads - Up to 10 Flex5 expanSIons - Up to 10 nBy readers - Up to 10 user codes - Up to 20 proximity tags - Up to 250 event logged - 7Ah battery houSIng

Ability 1030B

IntruSIon control panel, expandable from 5 to 30 terminals- Main board equipped with 10  terminals, (5 configurable as input/output), 1 dry-contact programmable relay, 2 programmable open-collector output, telephonic interface, RS232 port - Up to 5 partitions - Up to 10 nCode  keypads - Up to 20 Flex5 expanSIons - Up to 20 nBy readers - Up to 20 user codes - Up to 50 proximity tags - Up to 250 event logged - 7Ah battery houSIng

Ability 1030V

Intrusion control panel, expandable from 5 to 30 terminals- Main board equipped with 10  terminals, (5 configurable as input/output), 1 dry-contact programmable relay, 2 programmable open-collector output, telephonic interface, RS232 port - Up to 5 partitions - Up to 10 nCode  keypads - Up to 20 Flex5 expansions - Up to 20 nBy readers - Up to 20 user codes - Up to 50 proximity tags - Up to 250 event logged - 7Ah battery housing


Keypad with graphical LCD display with programmable backlight - Text and user interface - 1 input/output terminals - Buzzer


Proximity RFID reader for flush mounting - 4 LEDSs - Buzzer - IP34 grade


Proximity RFID reader for recess mounting - 4 LEDSs - Buzzer - "Universal" model


TAGs for nBy proximity readers


TAGs for nBy proximity readers


Relay and power supply distribution board Provides 2 relays which can be driven separately by 2 open-collector outputs.