Siemens Instabus

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No two homes are alike. After all, demands for comfort, safety and economy are as individual as people themselves. Despite that, our innovative electrical installation technology meets all your requirements in one single system with the Siemens instabus. You'll be amazed at the range of possibilities.

More Convenience
You can really sit back and relax with Siemens instabus. No matter what light setting you prefer in the evening or what room temperature you find pleasant around the clock, or on what floor in which room - Siemens instabus can be totally customized to your liking and takes care of many settings automatically. It can even be adapted to very particular situations.

More Safety
Siemens instabus is the most reliable watchman for your home - any time of the day or night and the whole year through. It monitors windows and doors, deters unwanted guests by switching on lights and can immediately call for help in the event of an emergency. And it protects your home from the risks posed by fire, water or the improper handling of electricity.

More Economical
With Siemens instabus you can save energy costs: You can save up to 30% per year alone with individual room control and window monitoring. You can easily save even more in combination with automatic window blind control.

Applications at School – echt Top-class with the GAMMA instabus
Challenges school buildings must be adjusted to by
providing optimum teaching and working conditions
guaranteeing safe operation
being resistant to damage
protecting people in emergencies and minimizing damage

And all this should be combined with optimum economizing and low building
and operating costs. Challenges that are barely attainable with conventional

From power supply to the plugs in the classrooms, as a complete provider in
building installation we offer you an integrated solution, tailored to the
requirements of your school project.

Applications in Office Buildings – Economically efficient
and prepared for the future with GAMMA instabus

While maintaining maximum efficiency and lowest possible operating costs,
the building
has to offer optimal working conditions
has to be flexible in cases of changes in organization or use
has to ensure safety at all times
has to offer modern comfort
has to protect people and minimize damages in emergencies

As all-round provider in all matters to do with any office installations, we
offer anything from energy feeds down to the outlets in the individual office
rooms – we‘re here to provide a comprehensive solution, tailored to the
requirements of your office building.

Application Networked City – GAMMA instabus - everything
within reach

Every property therefore needs to:
Reduce operating costs
Save energy
Be safe from outages
Be safe from break-ins and vandalism

GAMMA instabus provides completely new approaches for these
conflicting objectives.

As the supplier of the entire building installation, we can offer an integrated
solution for each individual building and for networking your properties from
the energy input to intelligent electrical applications right down to the outlets.

Applications in Hotels – Offer convenience with maximum economy –
by GAMMA instabus

Maximum comfort for your guests, safety and economy are highly important
in the increasingly competitive hotel sector. Hotel guests expect corresponding
quality and good service – whether in a top or in an middle-class hotel.
The hotelier‘s task is to provide this service with minimum expenditure of time
and money. GAMMA instabus building management system makes a signifi
cant contribution to this, while combining the various features of a hotel
building intelligently with each other.

GAMMA instabus thus provides in a hotel:
maximum convenience for your guests
reliable operation at all times
lower energy and operating costs
support to working practices in hotel operations
preventive safety
in an emergency protection for human beings and damage limitation

As a complete service provider for building installations, we offer you
a comprehensive solution from the energy supply right up to the socket outlet
in a hotel room – tailored to the needs of your hotel.

Applications in Hospitals – Economical, safe and comfortable
with GAMMA instabus

Economy, safety and comfort are of considerable importance in the increasingly
competitive health sector. A hospital operator is faced with the problem
of having to provide high quality services with the minimum of expenditure
of time and money and with all the key functions running smoothly at all

In hospitals, the GAMMA instabus building management system provides
through intelligent connection of all electrical functions:
reduced operating costs
a guarantee of safe and smooth operation
protection of human life in an emergency and minimizing of any damage
the comfort expected in modern usage

As a complete service provider for building installations, we offer you
a comprehensive solution from the energy supply right up to the socket outlet
in a patient room – tailored to the requirements of your hospital